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Club Qu
Located behind the Toys R' Us on Dr. Gessler Straže. If rap is your thang, this club is definitely the place to hang out on Friday nights. Decorated with a wonderful lighting scheme, a great sound system, and paintings that glow in the black light, this is a cool spot. Events held usually on Saturdays include a beach party with a wet T-shirt contest, live bands, and techno and house nights. Drinks here are a bit expensive. There is also a 5 DM cover, so make sure to visit the Sparkasse bank at the top of the end of the street.

Pustetpassage. Wed, Thur, and Sun 11pm-3am. Fri, Sat 11pm-4am. Dress to impress is their motto, but if you can walk in without looking like an American tourist, you should have no problem. Once your in, it is time to get on down, get your groove on, and shake your thang to the wee hours of the morgen.

Zarap Zap Zap
Augustinergasse 3. Tue-Thur 11pm-3am, Fri and Sat 1pm- 4am. For all of the Brat Pack fans out there, this is the place for you. A not so spacious bar, but the sounds of the eighties will make you reminisce the days of old. 5 DM cover.


Peaches Gold
Baren-Str. A cool bar with great pizza that costs only 10 DM on Monday nights and Happy hours from 7pm to 9pm, Monday through Thursdays. Drinks are less then 7 DM. Very eclectic music is played here. They will gladly take requests if they have the artist. Great atmosphere, bartenders, and people. On Tuesday nights they dance!

Irish Harp
Bertichstraže 1. A great atmosphere for drinking and a favorite me and my. Live music offered every night starting at 9pm and good Guinness on tap. You will not have problems here with language; Here the bar tenders and waitresses speak English (even if it is with an accent).

Murphy's Law
A hangout for both English and German speaking people. While university classes are in session, the local Irish, Scots, Brits, and the occasional Aussie or American pound away on pints of Guinness and Kilkinney, welcoming all to join in on the fun.

Keppler Straže. Located down the stairs, this place caters more to the mixed drink crowd than beer drinkers. Happy hour is from 9pm-11pm. Of course you can get a beer here but it is expensive and not even a half liter. It occupies a beautiful building with baroque ceilings and a beautiful bar. The regular crowd seems to be pretty hip.

Hinter der Grieb 8. Sun-Sat 8pm-lam. A younger crowd frequents this place during the week, but during the weekend, college students rule. A psychedelic interior welcomes you to journey off into movie land with Terintino inspired drinks such as the Reservoir Dog and the Pulp Fiction.

Every Tuesday night Gesslerheim recreation room from 7pm-2am and sometimes later. This is the unattainable dream of every American college student. A university owned bar selling drinks at the cheapest prices around; Beer 2 DM, Mixed Drinks 5 DM. Very crowded, but the music can be very good at times. This may also be one of the densest concentrations of international students from all over the world; be prepared to hear lots of different languages spoken at once. On Wednesday nights, Hiltenheim (the pink dorm complex behind Gesslerheim) hosts the same kind of party. A little more room to jump around, but the music can be sketchy at times.

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